Nutreent is a natural fungicide and pesticide, the probiotic formulation includes microorganisms, which have been demonstrated to control certain insects. The organic probiotics used are microorganisms found in yogurt and other probiotic products.

These selected probiotics produce acids, which limit the growth of fungi and have been demonstrated as an effective alternative to pest control.

Our total soil and plant wellness approach works to control the fungi in the soil and on the plants. Fungi interfere with plant growth and its ability to convert energy. It chokes off the source of nutrition for the cherries, which encase coffee beans, for example. Fungi outbreaks also lead to the following:

  • High levels of fungi reduce the economic value of the harvest.
  • Fungi infected plants produce a less safe and less desirable product for consumers.
  • Fungi reduces the plants ability to fight off disease.
  • Affected trees produce fewer fruits/beans at harvest.
  • Fungi interfere with plant wellness as the plant has to spend more of its energy on immune response: often resulting in a smaller plant.

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